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Poorer Cities Spend More of Budget on Police, Even Where Crime Is Lower

with Mason Youngblood

Data analysis of 473 cities nationwide finds that spending on police takes up almost one-third of municipal budgets, independently of local crime rates—with poorer cities spending a higher share.

Structural Racism and Cannabis

Baltimore Fishbowl
with Brandon Soderberg, Ethan McLeod

After Baltimore decriminalized the possession of an amount of cannabis, we investigated how the city's police were handling the new policies. By cross-referencing census records with data acquired from Baltimore Police, I was able to demonstrate racial bias in the enforcement of the new standards.

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby cited our research when she announced she would no longer prosecute marijuana possession charges in 2019.

The cassette revival needs blank tapes – meet the hoarders coming to the rescue

FACT Magazine

Resurrecting a dead medium with new factories, deadstock hunts, collectors and EPA guidelines.

Straight outta Eyjafjallajökull: Iceland’s rap scene is ready to explode

FACT Magazine

A look at the unique world of Icelandic hip-hop, which is surprisingly large for a country with fewer than 500,000 people.

I ran the official record store of Soviet Azerbaijan

FACT Magazine

An interview with computer programmer and blues guitarist Alex Alekperov, who spent the 80's operating Baku's party-approved record shop.

Excuse My French: The dirty secrets of hip-hop’s clean versions

FACT Magazine

A deep dive into the history, politics, state and future of clean versions of rap songs.

Still Sippin’: Houston’s Paul Wall talks Actavis, addiction and Islam

FACT Magazine

A long chat with Houston rap legend Paul Wall.

Pop Culture Is Warping Our Perception of Space-Time


An argument that streaming media is changing the speed of time, based in some real physics.

Putin Work: How Russia fell in love with trap rap

FACT Magazine

In which St. Petersburg rappers find their niche via a detour through EDM.

What Little League Baseball Means In Chicago


After the US Little League champs lost their title over a technicality, a chat with Chicago rapper and youth baseball alum The Boy Illinois about baseball and race on the south side of the city.

DJ Premier Talks Kanye, Disclosure, and That One Time He Walked in on Biggie Eating Fried Chicken in His Boxers


An interview with hip-hop legend DJ Premier.